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    Series 74系列閥門定位器

    Series 74系列閥門定位器

    Siemens/MOORE Series 74 Pneumatic Valve Positioner and 74SK Positioned Cylinder Actuator西門子74系列閥門定位器


    74SG-1??? 74SN-1

    Model 74 Pneumatic Valve Positioners are universal positioners that provide versatility, dynamic performance, and high positioning accuracy. Supply pressure variations have little or no effect on the positioner output, which eliminates the need for a supply pressure regulator.

    • Double-acting or single-acting service accomodates installation in a variety of environments

    • Field reversibility reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance

    • Choice of continuously adjustable standard stroke ranging from 1/4" to 48" and continuous span and zero adjustability within range spring limits provide application versatility

    • Extra high capacity pilots ensure maximum frequency response and optimum stroking speeds for all actuator sizes

    • Negative feedback pilot circuit allsw the positioner to operate with a push-pull gain of more than 900:1 (uisng 100 psig supply) with no sacrifice in stability (gain of 650:1 with 74S models)



    地址:武漢東湖新技術開發區西湖大道東名族大道331號武漢市福成建材有限公司綜合樓1-13層601-3電 話:13971005311傳 真:027-87689712

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